Merging Dutch and Swedish excellence in industrial stainless steel lifting and tilting solutions

Backsaver and Nimo-KG: Merging Dutch and Swedish Excellence in Lifting and Tilting Solutions

In the rapidly evolving industry of lifting and tilting solutions, a monumental partnership has recently taken shape. Earlier this year, two giants in the industry, Backsaver and Nimo-KG, announced their union, promising to redefine the standards of efficiency, durability, and precision.

Backsaver: Mastering Mobility

Hailing from the Netherlands, Backsaver has carved a niche for itself with its cutting-edge mobile tilting and lifting solutions. Known for its uncompromised Dutch quality, the company has consistently impressed with its focus on innovation, ensuring that users get the best ergonomic solutions for their operations.

Nimo-KG: The Swedish Powerhouse

Sweden’s Nimo-KG has been synonymous with expertise around DIN9797 trolleys. Beyond that, they’re also renowned for their large, intricate lifters and tilters. The Swedish commitment to precision and excellence is evident in every product that Nimo-KG rolls out, reinforcing the country’s reputation for producing high-quality industrial machinery.

A Match Made in Industrial Heaven

The merger is a union of two complementary industrial philosophies. While Backsaver offers its expertise in mobile solutions, Nimo-KG complements this with its vast knowledge of trolleys and complex lifting systems. Together, they can cater to almost every lifting and tilting challenge in the food industry.

Unwavering Commitment to Quality

Both brands share an unwavering commitment to quality, evident in their exclusive use of stainless steel, underlining a focus on the food industry. This choice ensures hygiene, durability, and resistance—crucial for food processing and handling equipment. The meticulousness of Backsaver and the precision of Nimo-KG ensure machinery that exceeds global standards.

Tailored to Perfection

Both brands excel in delivering bespoke solutions. They understand that every client may have unique needs, making customization a cornerstone of their offerings. From minor modifications to major redesigns, they’re equipped to tailor their machinery to any specification.

In Conclusion

This merger signals a promising future for lifting and tilting in the food industry sector. Customers can anticipate a broader product range, accelerated innovation, and top-tier post-sales support. As Backsaver’s Dutch craftsmanship melds with Nimo-KG’s Swedish engineering, the industry is set to witness unparalleled excellence in lifting and tilting solutions.

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