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Frequently Asked Questions

Backsavers are robust and easy to use, but occasionally operation-related questions may arise. You’ll find the most frequently asked questions below:

Can a Backsaver be shipped anywhere?

Yes, Backsavers can be sent almost anywhere in the world. Sometimes we decide not to ship a battery with the machine due to safety issues while on an airplane or on a ship. This is always communicated with our customers. Always feel free to contact for a price specification for transport to your factory.

Why does the motor continues to run after releasing the Up (↑) button?

When the Up button is released, the motor should stop running and the machine should cease upward movement.

Attention! If the motor continues to run, always push one of the emergency stop buttons to prevent damage to the machine!

Solution 1:
The first step is to check the buttons. The button should automatically return to its initial position after being pressed. If there is a problem in the button, replace it completely (including the switch) (P/N EADK005).

Solution 2:
The motor relay is stuck. You can check this by slightly tapping on the relay, which is mounted on the motor. Usually, this will release the relay and the motor will stop running. Replace the motor relay (P/N EARL12V01).

Why won’t the machine lift the load anymore?

Problem: The machine is unable to lift the loads as it previously could. The machine tries, but it can’t handle the weight.

Solution 1:
The load is too heavy for the machine’s capacity. Be certain the load weight is within the machine’s load rating (as specified on the nameplate).

Solution 2:
Confirm whether the battery is fully charged and is supplying enough power. If the machine does not lift the load when either of the Up buttons is pressed and held, and if the motor slows down, a lack of power is the likely cause. The problem can be in the battery, charger, the wiring between these parts or in the plug/socket. The battery charger should supply ± 13.8 volts.

Solution 3:
The pump filter is clogged, making it impossible for the pump to draw hydraulic fluid. Remove the hydraulic tank in order to access and clean the filter.

Solution 4:
The pump could be broken. Listen to the pump when it’s running, and be aware of scratching-like, high frequency or any other abnormal noise. If the pump is broken, replace it (P/N EAPU001).

Solution 5:
The level of hydraulic fluid could be low. Check the fluid level in the hydraulic tank. When the fork/lift frame is at its bottom position (floor level), the fluid should reach the tank’s cap. If there is a lack of fluid, also check the hose and connections for any leakage.

Why won’t the machine’s fork/lift frame won’t come down anymore?

Attention: A power supply (e.g., a charged battery) is necessary for downward movement.

Solution 1:
Check the battery power. Power is needed in order to operate the valve.

Solution 2:
The return-line filter may be clogged. Disassemble the return valve (P/N EACV001), which is located below the black solenoid (P/N EAMS001), and clean the filter.

Solution 3:
There might be a mechanical issue below the return valve (P/N EACV001), such as a jammed spring. Note any visual problems, and clean the inside area prior to reassembly.

Solution 4:
The hydraulic cylinder might have a mechanical problem. Visually check the cylinder for any malfunction on the seals. If the seals appear to be intact, disassemble the cylinder and try to operate it manually. If this works, the cylinder is in working order. If necessary, replace the seal or the entire cylinder.

Solution 5:
The return valve (P/N EACV001) or the solenoid (P/N EAMS001) could be broken.

Why can't every Backsaver be equiped with a mains installation?

Talking about mobile Backsavers, some of the models have to be moved to aquire a new container and have to be moved to bring back into position.
In case an operator makes a little mistake and pinches the power cord between the Backsaver and any other static object a high voltage can flow through the operators body and cause severe damage.
Hence the reason Backsaver only delivers mains powered machines that are (semi) stationary used.

Why can't a Backsaver be equiped with a remote control?

A Backsaver is a safe machine in general. As any other device a Backsaver can turn to a dangerous machine if wrongfully used. We at Backsaver want the operator to be with the machine and overview the area where it is operated. This way dangerous situations can be avoided. So a Backsaver without a protection fence can never be legally equiped with a remote control.

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