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What makes a backsaver unique

Key Features

Custom made

Backsaver produces standardised stainless steel lifters and tippers for the food industry. A standard machine build is selected and customised in line with your facility’s demands. It doesn’t matter whether your product consists of meat, fish, dairy or fruit. We will design the Backsaver which fits your needs.

Lift your business

Irrespective of whether your product is stored in big boxes, combos, crates, trolleys or tubs, barrels, you name it, we will always try to find the ideal Backsaver configuration to improve your way of working.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is the material predominantly used in the Backsaver machine. Both the AISI304 and AISI316 types of stainless steel are used to achieve the optimal price/quality balance and give the customer as few hygiene problems as possible. Approximately 90% of the Backsavers is recyclable as a result of our material choice.

Easy to use

Backsavers are practical and easy machines. They are easy to position and can be independently operated on both sides of the unit. They reduce the risk of backstrain injuries for your employees. The machine’s strong deep cycle battery as its energy source makes it wirelessly usable and allows for the Backsaver to be used in different areas within your facility.


Hygiene, a keyword in the development and production of machines for the food industry. All parts and assemblies in our machines were designed to result in the fewest problems when coming into direct contact with your product and employee. Backsaver machines can be cleaned with regular pressure washers (IP56).

Made in Holland

Backsavers stainless steel tippers and lifters are designed and produced in the Netherlands. We have our own in-house engineering, design and production facility, which allows us to produce a suitable customised solution for your facility. Backsaver has over 30 years of experience in designing and producing customised machinery.

What gives us direction

Mission & Vision

Work hard lift smart

It is our mission to build high quality stainless steel lifting & tipping machines for the food industry. Machines which are easy to use, which improve and speed up your production and which save your employees’ backs.

A backsaver in every productionline

It is our vision to have one or more Backsaver machines in every production facility in the global food industry.

Our machines are available worldwide

Work hard lift smart

stainless lifters & tippers for foodindustry

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