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Backsaver machines zijn vrijwel onverwoestbaar, maar  toch kan het voorkomen dat de machine of een onderdeel niet naar behoren werkt. Wij hebben voor u de meest gezochte vragen en oplossingen op een rijtje gezet:

Can Backsaver be sent anywhere?

Yes, Backsavers can be sent almost anywhere in the world. Sometimes we decide not to ship a battery with the machine due to safety issues while on an airplane or on a ship. This is always communicated with our customers. Always feel free to contact www.Backsaver.nl for a price specification for transport to your factory.

Why does the motor keep running after the up-button?

When releasing the up-button the motor should stop running and the Backsaver should stop making his upwards movement.

Be aware: Always push one of the emergency stop to prevent damage to your machine!

Solution 1:
The first check is on the buttons. They should be covered with a well closed rubber lid. If not, there could be fluid in the button which causes the problem.
The button should also automatically turn back to its original position.
For 12V machines: If there is a problem in the button, replace it completely (Article EADK001).

Solution 2:
The relays / solenoid on the motor got stuck. You can check this by gently ticking on the relays which is mounted on the motor. Most of the time it will loosen on the inside and the motor stops running.
For 12V machines: Replace the relays / solenoid on the motor (Article EANS01).

Why won’t the Backsaver tipper pickup my bin anymore?

Problem: Your Backsaver is unable to lift your bins. (Before it did..) The Backsaver tries but can’t handle the weight.

Solution 1:
The weight of your bin is too big for your Backsaver build, please double-check if the weight of the bin is not more than the maximum allowed weight (as printed on your machine cabinet). (Most of the times with standard machines the maximum weight is 800kgs).

Solution 2:
Check if your battery is fully charged and supplies enough power. When operating the machine to go up and it doesn’t lift the bin and the motor drops still (without releasing the button) it is most likely a lack of energy. The problem can be both in the Battery, the charger, the wires between these parts or the plug/socket.
The battery charger should supply around 13.8V.

Solution 3:
The filter inside the pump can get very filthy. Therefore the pump is unable to suck the oil through the hydraulics.
Clean the filter in the pump-unit. It’s inside the aluminum oil reservoir which can be reached by removing the reservoir.

Solution 4:
The pump can be broken, try to listen to the sound of the pump and be aware of scratching-like or high frequent noise. Replacing only the pump (EAPU001) would fix the issue.

Solution 5:
There might be a lack of hydraulic oil. Check the oil level in the reservoir. There needs to be enough oil to pump up the cylinder. (There should still be a level of oil when completely tipped over)
If there is a lack of oil, check the hose and connectors for possible leakage.

Why won’t the Backsaver come down anymore.

Attention: A power supply (for example a charged battery) is necessary to operate the downwards movement.

Solution 1:
It might be a mechanical problem with the hydraulic cylinder. Do a visual check on the cylinder to note malfunction on the seals. If the seals look all right, disassemble the hydraulic cylinder and try to push it in on hand power. If this works fine, the cylinder is ok.

Solution 2:
Check the energy of the battery. As mentioned before there is energy needed to operate the valve.

Solution 3:
The filter for the returning oil might be clogged. Disassemble the catridge valve (EACV001) (which is below the black solenoid (EAMS001) and clean it’s filter.

Solution 4:
There might be a mechanical problem below the catridge valve (EACV001) with a jammed spring. Note any visual problems and clean the inside area.

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